The Wise One – Charcoal Drawing

A beautiful dominant animal. An African Elephant. I think our elephants are gorgeous, with their huge ears and massive tusks. One of Dion’s trademarks is playing with circles place playfully here and there.

Charcoal Drawing of an African Elephant

Charcoal Drawing of an African Elephant

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4 Responses to The Wise One – Charcoal Drawing

  1. Zelna says:

    I’m so glad that you guys started doing this. I just love Dion’s work. What is he working on now?

  2. Rev Deb says:

    Hi Jenni
    These pictures are astounding!!! I have a friend that is extremely creative like this too. It is so amazing to watch what they can with paint,pencils,charcoal… My friend also does sculpting. We were at a beach last summer and he piled up a mound of sand, took a sea shell and made a life size woman in a bikini laying in the sun with the bent leg and all (LOL). The people it drew was phenomenal! Tell your hubby that they are all oh so beautiful!! I love it, when I see/hear of such raw talent like this.. Tell him keep posting the blessings.

    With warm affections in Christ
    Rev Deb

    • dionsportraitartwork says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Rev Deb, and for visiting my new blog! I will definitely pass your message on to Dion 🙂

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