Powerful, Dominant…Wounded Tiger – Charcoal Drawing

Not long after the Monte Casino (South Africa – Johannesburg) opened, we had Dion’s work exhibited in one of the galleries there. One Saturday evening we got a call from the gallery to tell us our Tiger had been shot. Literally. There was a hold-up and bullets fired, and the Tiger was hit by a random bullet. (Thankfully no one was hurt)
The bullet hole sits neatly in the Tiger’s neck as if shot by a hunter.
Life in the Urban Jungle they say.

Wounded Tiger

Wounded Tiger


2 Responses to Powerful, Dominant…Wounded Tiger – Charcoal Drawing

  1. katievautour says:

    I really love the solid black in this piece. Do you mind me asking; I know your husband uses charcoal, but in what form? Like is it powdered, or does he smudge it? I’m curious because a lot of the tones in this are very smoothly rendered and it looks almost like an airbrush technique.


    • dionsportraitartwork says:

      Thanks Katie, he uses a finely sharpened, hard charcoal pencil. No smudging or tricks at all, it’s amazing to watch him, it takes hours to get that effect as you can guess, I’m sure!
      He is trying a new charcoal medium in the form of a softer stick, just for the darker areas, not sure if he likes it though… still experimenting with it.
      Thanks for the comment back, I really like your work and hope you are already successful in your art.

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