Watercolor and Acrylic mix of a Horn-bill Artwork

August 4, 2009

Although Dion specializes in Charcoal, he has had days of having fun experimenting with color, and breaking the rules by mixing mediums. With this Horn-bill, Dion played around with the colors, making the piece bright and colorful!  Also, while he uses watercolor, he enjoys making the paint thick so as to actually not have the effect of watery, thus, although defeating the object of watery watercolors, he has created a stunning effect here!

Hornbill - a wild colorful work of art in Watercolor and Acrylics


Powerful, Dominant…Wounded Tiger – Charcoal Drawing

July 28, 2009

Not long after the Monte Casino (South Africa – Johannesburg) opened, we had Dion’s work exhibited in one of the galleries there. One Saturday evening we got a call from the gallery to tell us our Tiger had been shot. Literally. There was a hold-up and bullets fired, and the Tiger was hit by a random bullet. (Thankfully no one was hurt)
The bullet hole sits neatly in the Tiger’s neck as if shot by a hunter.
Life in the Urban Jungle they say.

Wounded Tiger

Wounded Tiger

Aged to Perfection – Charcoal Drawing of an African Elephant

July 13, 2009

Dion says: “This elephant was a fantastic challenge especially working in every wrinkle on his trunk. The medium I prefer using is an extemely sharp charcoal pencil, which gets the effect of the surealism desired. I do not smudge, the whole picture is made up of seperate strokes, line by line. I love to create light among the shadows.”

Charcoal drawing of an African Elephant

Charcoal drawing of an African Elephant

The Wise One – Charcoal Drawing

July 9, 2009

A beautiful dominant animal. An African Elephant. I think our elephants are gorgeous, with their huge ears and massive tusks. One of Dion’s trademarks is playing with circles place playfully here and there.

Charcoal Drawing of an African Elephant

Charcoal Drawing of an African Elephant

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