Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture – Charcoal Drawing

July 16, 2009

Dion says: “I love the form, shape and simplicity of the work. How light plays off on the shapes. The black stone compliments the light and visa versa.
What I love about the zimbabweian people that create such stunning work is that they are very simple people who live day to day.”

Charcoal Drawing - Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

Charcoal Drawing - Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

I watched Dion create this one. Was very interesting for me as it’s the first time he has tackled a subject matter like this.

The paper he used was also different, had a slight rough texture which gives it the rough edge to it.  This was also the first time he tried out a Carbon Pencil recommended by Marsha Robinett and he enjoyed the crisp and control that he had on the line of the pencil without the shine that a graphite pencil gives.

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